Soda Blasting

What Exactly is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is an environmentally friendlier way of removing paint, dirt, coatings and other surface contaminants that does not cause damage to the surfaces being cleaned.

The action of the sodium bicarbonate used, does not cause heat buildup, spars, or abrasions to the substrata. Sodium bicarbonate is water-soluble and in most cases, dependent on your local laws, can be disposed of through conventional drainage systems.

The only material that needs to be disposed of is the contaminant removed, can separated by dissolving the blast media in water, and the use of a filter or centrifuge to separate the contaminant from the solution.

Soda Blasting Can Be Used On:

Brick, limestone, concrete, masonry, stucco, granite, iron, steel, stainless steal, brass, copper, aluminum, galvanized, glass, tiles, plastics, rubber, electric motors, gas turbines, and wood.

How does soda-blasting work and what are the advantages over sand blasting?

The sodium bicarbonate used in the blasting process is a larger particle than baking soda used in the food industry, although it is the same purity, The particles are propelled by compressed air through specialized blasting machines.

Air pressures can be varies from as low as 20 psi on the soft based to 120 psi or more on hard surfaces. Water is used as either a dust suppressant (dustless wet blasting), or the propellant for some decontamination and paint removal. For surfaces that are softer, such as wood, water reduces the cutting action by as much as 20 to 30 percent.

Unlike abrasive sand blasting, or using sand blast cabinets, sodium bicarbonate particles remove contaminants by the energy released when the particles explodes as they come in contact with the surface to be cleaned. Silica sand on the other hand, removes the material by wearing it away. This is also the result when the sand hits the metal surface, the metal is worn away and the surface is damaged.

Other Uses for Media Blasting

Soda blasting can be used to remove paint from cars, boats, and truck’s. It is important to note soda blasting WILL NOT heat, warp or cause any metal fatigue.

Most commonly, soda blasting is used to remove powder coated paint.